Stag & Wolfe Natural Beauty

Coconut Bronzer

A semi solid creamy moisturizing bronzer that melts into the skin without streaking. 

Made from 100% pure organic coconut oil and mineral pigments.

Leaves a beautiful light reflecting sun kissed sheen on the skin and a subtle coco-nutty aroma. Suitable for use on body and face.  

Apply with fingers or blusher brush for a more subtle blush. Naturally SPF protecting too!.

Natural flavoured Lip balms.

Made with nourishing organic cold pressed coconut oil and natural beeswax for protection.

Incredibly soothing and  moisturising. 

Neutral colour. 6 natural flavours: Grapefruit, Mandarin,  Honey,   Peach,  Vanilla, Coconut (unflavoured)

5ml tube  or 15ml screw top tin


Tinted Lip balm

Nourishing protecting and smooth organic lip balm with a semi translucent pearlised tint. 

Made with Organic coconut oil, natural beeswax and mineral pigments.

Colours (Clockwise from top): Bronze,  Dusky Rose,  Peony,  Coral, Petticoat Pink, Bordeaux.


Organic cold pressed Coconut Oil

100% unadulterated and pure – straight from the nut! 

This is nature’s wonder stuff with countless beauty and health benefits for skin, hair and body.

 A solid “butter” at room temperature, melts instantly into a light oil on the skin, with the natural yummy aroma of coconut.