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All Natural Supplements provide a range of natural, organic, vegan and whole food supplements for the entire family. From their Multi-Nutrient which provides more nutrients than your average Multi-Vitamin to Omega Brain Health to an Anti-Inflammatory, you're sure to find something to suit you. They have been generous enough to offer all Stag & Wolfe referees a 10% discount by using the code partners10 upon checkout.


New Freedom is a great family run business and they specialise in handmade cleaning and beauty products, all made by Kathryn Furey (MFHT) and tested by herself, family and friends.

They use organic ingredients where possible and their balms contain beeswax, other than that, they are vegan friendly.

Kathryn is a a practising Aromatherapist and she also sells therapeutic grade essential oils. Everything has been made with love and care at New Freedom, so expect the best. Check them out here!

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Organic Holidays

With hundreds of organic places to stay, you’re sure to find a destination suited to you courtesy of Organic Holidays!

Like you could gather from the name, Organic Holidays provide holidays with an Organic twist. You could be putting your own tent up in a field on a certified organic permaculture farm or staying in a boutique hotel with an organic restaurant. Many of the places carefully selected by Organic Holidays have their own small restaurant, a few of which are certified organic, and others may have a certified organic kitchen garden, orchard or vineyard.

A truly remarkable option for the organically inclined. Please check them out! Organic Holidays

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Wildly Woolly

Wildly Woolly is the UK store set up to share the wonderful story of Kenana Knitters. Kenana Knitters is a wonderful grassroots organisation, supporting women in rural Kenya (East Africa). Operating under fairtrade principles, which means as well as paying fair wages and thus providing the women with a source of income from dignified work, the profits from sales are used to fund a number of projects to support the women and their extended families’ welfare.

The natural wool and organic cotton hand knitted products made by the women range from newborn baby toys to kids cushions and bedroom décor. All marked CE 0+, every product bears the name of the lady who knitted it, so you can directly trace back your toy to the wonderful hands that created it. The luxury toys are made from natural materials, either organic cotton or the locally sourced wool which is coloured using plant dyes. They are ethically produced and handmade which means every item is slightly different and therefore unique. Check them out here!

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